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~HELLO fellow viewers!

I (Glittery Latte, keeping my identity a secret!) am brand NEW to blogging! But I will, at least attempt, to bring you all your new favorite blog where you will find all of your, this season, fashion advice!

Just a heads up, I am on the girly side (even though I do have a little tom-boy left inside of me) so if you are here for advice on the latest tee-shirt phase, or new “Minecraft” update, this is NOT your place!

I will have one of my best friends (Go ahead and call her Sparkling~Raspberry [her choice of nick-name]) come on here and help me out sometimes, because we all can use some advice from another fashionista! She just wont be posting on here as often.

Time to get to know the REAL me!

I am a vegetarian, I hope to be a film producer & photographer some day, my favorite brand is probably Tomy Hilfiger or Burberry, I am a Gemini, and I love, love, LOVE these movies: Divergent (starring: Shailene Woodley & Theo James), The Hunger Games(starring: Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson), The Fault In Our Stars(starring: (AGAIN! P.S My FAV actress) Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort), & The Clique(starring: Elizabeth McLaughlin (YASSS I ❤ X 1000 Elizabeth) & Ellen Marlow)!!!

ANYHOW! Thank You SOOO much for reading this! I hope that you come back for fashion advice next time! BYE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


HELLO! This is now my 2nd Blah-g post!

So now that X-mas has past (& I hope that you had a nice one!), New Years eve is right around the corner! But, being me, I have not planned out a single thing and I’ve already invited friends over. So what do I do? I run to my closet and throw everything on my bed.

Now New Years eve is known for silver and gold, champagne, and HUGE parties. So get out your phone and text all of your friends, because this year is YOUR year to shine! (If your old enough to drink) You can find cheap, but GREAT, champagne at Target for $11, and you can easily find gold and silver streamers at the dollar store. Since I still get gifts for X-Mas, I got a TON of gift cards and a TON of cash. So I went out and bought a white lace pencil dress. Pairing it with white heels, silver bangles, and a side bun with a few loose tresses.

I suggest whites and silvers, or champagne pinks and golds for this New Year. Bralettes are also a must! Push-ups are SO out! Apparently VS and Pink were seeing a MAJOR decrease in push-up sales! Always have a bralette ready because you might need one last minute.

Now that we’ve gone over colors (and bras) it’s time to talk about different styles. I say that if your wearing a dress for New Years, I would go with a pencil bottom. But if It’s a skirt, I’d say otherwise. I prefer skirts in skater styles. Metallic skirts might even look nice paired with a cute top. I would also go with heels, or flats with a wedge. Bangles also look great on special occasions. You can find some adorable bangles at Alex and Ani for some really nice prices (like take for example, for my New Year outfit, I’ll be wearing one of my favorite bangles in silver, which is the initial bangle) along with some rings, because you can never go wrong with rings!

Since we’ve gone through clothes, lets talk about hair and makeup. Side buns, like what I’ll be wearing, can look perfect for any occasion. Or you can braid your hair the night before and get natural waves, then touch them up later that day with a curling iron. You could possibly also do a half up half down with your hair curled. And for makeup I suggest silver eye shadow and elf’s glow blush. Red and pink lipsticks, and natural looking eyelashes (don’t glob on the mascara) give off a more neutral feel.

Alright then, grab your wallet and jacket and get too the mall! (because most stores are still having AH-mazing sales!) I wish you the best New Years eve and the best outfit at the party!

Kiss kiss,                                                                                                                                                                               -GL ♥